Our Essential Skills website has been created for ESL or EAL Literacy and Stage 1 Adult EAL/ESL teachers by EAL/ESL teachers. All the activities listed are for embedding Essential Skills within a lesson plan using an Adult EAL teaching methodology. These activities were designed with the expressed purpose of embedding Essential Skills in classrooms to empower our learners in the community and the workplace. 

Click on any of the Essential Skills sections below or in the navigation bar above to easily navigate your way to an activity that will enhance your Essential Skills lesson planning. You can also browse Essential Skills activities by “theme.” Feel free to adapt and/or scaffold the activities to meet your students’ needs. Many of the activities have a feedback form attached which serves as a catalyst for further creative and practical application. 

We hope this website becomes a valuable tool in your teaching tool box. This project is funded by HRSDC, with support in-kind from the Winnipeg School Division Adult EAL Program and Manitoba Immigrant Integration Program.

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