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Curriculum Framework


The Essential Skills Curriculum Framework is a subject-specific document which specifies student learning outcomes for what students are expected to know and be able to do as they relate to the knowledge and skills of a particular subject area.

This resource includes:

A Curriculum Framework:  for Adult EAL Literacy Phase 1-3  &  CLB 1-4 Levels

oThe Curriculum Framework includes the following workplace subject areas:

Safety - employees’ rights and responsibilities regarding safety, WCB, signs, tags, labels, WHMIS, equipment, preventing injuries, etc.

Workplace Culture - being on time, being able to learn new things and problem solve, workplace expectations, etc.

Quality/Technology - understand the importance of quality and use of technology in the workplace, how important it is to do things right, on time, all the time

     Using this Resource:

It is important that when using this framework, teachers have to spiral back (based on their needs assessment) and review some of the content in the previous CLB or Phase to ensure that new students will have covered the main points highlighted in the Essential Skills framework.


Essential Skills Curriculum Framework for EAL Learners (CLB 1-4)

Essential Skills Curriculum Framework for EAL Literacy Learners


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