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Pre Post Test

This resource includes:

7 Pre/post tests:  Adult EAL Literacy Phase 1, 2 & 3 and CLB 1, 2, 3, 4

A table: with examples of Essential Skills tasks & the one that can be found in the package

A pre/post test: to be used ‘as is’ or adapted

A summary page: for totalling test results

     Using this Resource:

When: should I administer the pre-assessment?

The pre-assessment can be administered at the end of the school year or mid-stream.

What: should I do if the learners are nervous about test taking?

Class participants do not have to be made aware that they are being assessed.  In order to reduce stress levels and performance anxiety, tasks can be incorporated into regular class activities. 

Why: do I need to assign scores?  Do I have to give the scores to anyone?

The scoring system is optional.  Each task has a place to score the task, and a summary page is included at the end of this package.

Scoring is an option as a method of determining if progress has been made, and this information is helpful for report cards.

What: if the tasks on the assessment are not relevant to my curriculum?

These assessment tasks are only suggestions.  Teachers should adapt or change Essential Skill tasks to fit the needs of the learners.

How many: assessments are in this package?

This package contains one sample pre-assessment and one sample post assessment for each Essential Skill. 

*Note to the Instructor The Pre-post test is an Essential Skills assessment tool.


CLB 1 Pre test by Heather Currie and Julie Bell

CLB 2 Pre test - CLB 1 Post test by Heather Currie and Julie Bell

CLB 3 Pre test - CLB 2 Post test by Heather Currie

CLB 4 Pre test - CLB 3 Post test by Heather Currie and Julie Bell

Phase 1 Pre test by Nicole Sibilleau

Phase 2 Pretest - Phase 1 Post test  by Erica Ens

Phase 3 Pretest - Phase 2 Post test by Lorie McKenzie and Lucas Skelton


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